Hi. I'm Aric Putnam,

and I'm running for

State Senate.

Hi. I'm Aric Putnam, and I'm running for State Senate.

I’m a dad, a husband, a volunteer, and a teacher.
I've taught everyone from second graders to college kids, in rural areas, small towns, and big cities. We all know that good teachers can lead us to discover and pursue new opportunities. They can help us make our tomorrows brighter than our yesterdays. It’s time that we had representatives with that same vision. As your State Senator, I’ll ask the right questions, and I won’t rest until we get the right answers – real solutions that work for all of us.
Let's face it: politics can feel impersonal. Sometimes it seems like candidates are nothing more than party zombies repeating rehearsed talking points, running on autopilot as they ask for your vote.
But I think we can do better.
We deserve the chance to meet candidates for office and to get to know them. We deserve representatives who don’t take us for granted, who work hard to listen to and be heard by all of us. As your State Senator, here’s my commitment to you: you’ll always know what I believe, where to find me, and how to get in touch.

File "with" Aric

Thursday, May 28th, 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Online via Zoom

Aric is going to file for office by mail, using the mailbox at the end of his own driveway. But he won't be doing it alone -- all of us, Aric's friends and best supporters, will join him on a Zoom call, wearing our Aric t-shirts and buttons, holding our Aric signs, whatever we've got. So as Aric walks out to his mailbox, we will be with him, cheering him on, apart and still together, as he files to represent us in the State Senate.

Virtual Neighborhood Gathering

Tuesday, Jun 2nd, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Online via Zoom

Join us for a virtual neighborhood gathering, because we can't all be together in person. Marian Rengel and Mike Knaak have decided to host this event to bring community members together. We hope you are able to Zoom in from your own home to join the conversation. Let us know you can attend by RSVPing with the Google Form attached below. I look forward to spending time with you, sharing ideas, and answering questions.