Be a Voter

Voting is the most powerful action you can take as a citizen. Voting determines who gets to make laws, write policy, and prioritize the work of our government.

Our next election is November 8th, 2022. Make sure you’re ready to vote and find ways to help our neighbors vote as well.

Plan your vote

People who make a plan to vote are more likely to actually vote. Make your plan now to ensure your vote gets cast.

Help your neighbors vote

Minnesota has some of the highest voter-turnout rates in the country, but a huge number of Minnesotans still don’t exercise their right to vote—while 80% of eligible voters voted in the 2020, only 64% voted in the last midterm elections in 2018. You can increase these numbers by helping others vote. This can be as simple as reminding a friend to vote, helping your neighbors request their absentee ballots, or working as an Election Judge.

Check your registration